Dear Colleagues!

"Florian Travel" company have the greatest respect and concern about cooperation with new partners. Working for you we try to make our cooperation very profitable and reliable.
Our cooperation starts with signing the contract.

We would like to point out that "FLORIAN TRAVEL" has 5 representative offices in various countries such as:

It is  nessesary to sign a different  seperate agent contract with one of our offices.

New partners registration:

  1. Choose and download the contract;
  2. Get acquainted with written contracts, sign all the pages and send a scan-copy of a signed contract with an e-mail to the office, you are interested in.

Contracts and Documents Florian Travel Sp. z o. o (Poland)


  ul. Karmelicka 32 off 3, 31-128 Krakow, Polska
 Скачать    NIP 9452154930  Скачать    Certificate of insurance company
 Скачать    KRS 0000377936  Скачать   Certificate of the E-VOUCHER 2017 system
 Скачать    REGON 121446950  Скачать    Ogolne Warunki Uczesnickwa
 Скачать    Partnership contract (Poland)  Скачать    General conditions of participation
 Скачать    License for tourist activities Z / 58/2011  Скачать    Certificate of the participant of the Polish Tourist Chamber
 Скачать    License for tourist activities Z / 58/2011 (part 2)  



СкачатьPartnership contract
СкачатьTour operator's activity license 
СкачатьTouristic activity license
 Z/58/2011 (Part 2) 
СкачатьInsurance company certificate

СкачатьE-VOUCHER system certificate

СкачатьGeneral conditions of participation 

Polish Chamber of Tourism certificate

Contracts and Documents 
Florian Travel SK (Slovakia)
ul. Tajovskeho 1, 04001 Kosice, Slovakia
DIC 2023783399
ICO 47153369
СкачатьЕГР (Single enterprises register)
СкачатьPartnership contract ( Slovakia)

СкачатьTouroperator activity license

СкачатьGeneral conditions of participation

Contracts and Documents 
Florian Travel BG (Bulgaria)
17 of,26 Mariya Luiza bv-d, Varna, 9000
СкачатьCompany registration part 1
СкачатьCompany registration part 2
СкачатьPartnership contract ( Bulgaria)
СкачатьTouroperator activity license
СкачатьInsurance company certificate
СкачатьGeneral conditions of participation

Contracts and Documents 
Florian Travel CZ (Czech Republic)

60200 Brno,
ul. Masarykova 2
СкачатьSER (Single enterprises register)
СкачатьTouroperator activity license
СкачатьPartnership contract

We would be glad to see You as a permanent parntners!
Best wishes, 



Our partners